Vessels can be registered for a short period under special circumstances such as single voyage non-commercial trading or scrapping purpose in ballast. Procedures for special registration allow for documents to be issued with a VALIDITY of 3 MONTHS and it expires automatically upon vessel’s arrival at designated port or on the expiry date of certificates, whichever occurs first and earlier. This special registration does not entitle the vessel to a Deletion Certificate under Cambodia flag.

  • Application for Ship Registration .doc
  • Signed Bill of Sale & Acceptance of sale or Declaration of Ownership .doc * (If owner is not changed)
  • Application for intended voyage certifying non-commercial trade during special registration .doc and Affidavit certifying non-commercial trade 
  • Previous Flag’s Reg. Cert copy & ITC(or NTC): if any
  • Owner’s company incorporation cert copy and applicant’s passport copy
  • Valid SW cert copy issued by R.O for issuance of one voyage permission letter

* in case of new construction ship, builder’s cert copy is also required, instead of Previous Flag’s registry cert copy & ITC&SR copy.

And, if all the required signed application form copies are firstly submitted to our Deputy register office, every vessel can be officially registered within 1-2 days under Cambodian flag.

Special registration can be made only in case of non-commercial trading for only one delivery voyage and/or scrapping purpose

In case of special registration for ship’s trading for one single voyage, one voyage permission letter issued by ISROC HQ is required. One voyage permission letter will be issued by ISROC HQ based on SW cert issued by RO.