All officers serving on the vessels under the flag of Palau should obtain Endorsements and Seafarers Identification Record Books (SIRB). To apply for Endorsement and SIRB, please send the copies of below mentioned documents to  stcw@flagadmin.com: 

  • National COC & Endorsement
  • National GMDSS & Endorsement (if any)
  • Seaman’s Book (SID)
  • Travel Passport
  • Medical Certificate
  • Basic Security Trainings (VI/1, VI/2, VI/3, VI/4)
  • Designated Security Duties VI/6-2 or Ship Security Officer VI/5
  • Colored photo

Upon the receipt of all needed copies and the payment, Certificate of Receipt of Application (CRA) will be issued within one-two days. Within three months, Permanent Endorsement and SIRB will be issued and delivered to the provided address.

Also in order to get consultation of the specialists of our center you can call

the following telephone numbers:                +38(0552)415304


Postal address: PO Box 10, Kherson, Ukraine, 73025