The procedures for issuance of such Certificate of Endorsements by ISROC are based on equivalence, requiring definite verification from national maritime authority that the applicant is in possession of an appropriate, recognized and valid and genuine certificate of competency from applicant’s country which is joined in the IMO White List.
And required document for COE issuance for officers are as follows:
  • COE/GOC Application form  .doc
  • Valid National COC / GOC cert copy with full pages (STCW95 issued by white list. In case that Applicant’s nationality is not on white list, other nation’s COC/GOC joined in white list can be accepted exceptionally.)
  • Valid national Seamen's book copy
  • Valid Medical Fitness cert original in English (remaining validity should be at least 1 year)* .doc
  • Color photos (passport size : 3 pieces) : in case of additional application of GOC with COE, additional 3 photos are required
* Regarding Medical Fitness cert, following can be accepted by ISROC.
- Original Medical Fitness certificate
- Medical Fitness certificate copy with Doctor’s original seal & signature
- Notarized true copy of Medical Fitness certificate
* In case of officers boarding on Tanker, Advanced training course cert copy (Advanced Medial First Aid, Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue boat Course, Advanced Fire-Fighting course) & Advanced Oiler Tanker & COW Course (AOTC), ARPA which were issued by STCW95 convention should be submitted with other application documents.
* if Applicants submit us above complete application documents to ISROC, then CAA (Certificate of Acceptance of Application) : valid for 3 months can be issued immediately. After ISROC’s swift verification process, in case that the national COC is proved as authentic from national merchant marine authority to ISROC, Permanent COE can be issued into the same validity as national permanent COC. But,do not exceed 5 years. (Even though national COC is valid less than 1 year, COE shall be issued as same validity).
As of 01 January 2008, the training requirements for Ship Security Officers (SSOs) contained in the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code have been included in the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers 1978 as amended (STCW) which have been adopted by Resolutions MSC.203(81) and MSC.209(81) and Ship Security Officers (SSOs) to be served on board the ship are required to be in possession of a certificate of proficiency issued in accordance with the Regulation VI/5 of STCW Code and Section A-VI/5 which prescribed the specifications of minimum standards of proficiency for SSOs.
In due and full consideration of the requirements of the International Conventions related, this Administration has come to a decision on its enforcement that all personnel designated to be serviced as SSO on board the Cambodia flagged ships shall hold a Cambodian Certificate for Ship Security Officer which shall be in full effect immediately from the official release of this circulation as of 16 July 2009.
The Company operating vessels under the flag of Cambodia shall ensure that persons designated as Ship Security Officer (SSO) on board the ship are in possession of an appropriate and valid certificate of proficiency attesting their competency under the STCW Code A-VI/5.
In order to be issued a certificate of proficiency as SSO, the person shall :
- have approved seagoing services of not less than 12 months or appropriate seagoing service and knowledge of ship operations ;
- and meet the standards of competence for certification of proficiency as SSO, prescribed in the section A-VI/5, paragraph 1 to 4 of the STCW Code.
This Administration is on the basic principle to recognize the certificate of proficiency issued by either :
- a Party to the STCW Convention ;
- or an Organization/Institute approved by a Party to the STCW Convention.
Persons to be serviced as SSOs on board the Cambodia flagged ship and are not issued a certificate of proficiency by any of the above should apply to this Administration to be issued with the certificate on the basis of the appropriate regular form of application and essential requirements guided.
Applications shall be accompanied by such documents below as may be prescribed on the regular application form ;
  • SSO Application Form .doc
  • Copy of Passport/National Seaman’s Book
  • Color Photo (3 Pieces, 3 x 4 cm)
  • Copy of National COC
  • Documentary Evidence of Seagoing Service
  • Valid SSO Training Certification Copy (Documentary Evidence to Satisfy the Standards of Competence Specified in STCW Code Section A-VI/5)