Yacht Registration intends granting right to fly  maritime flag of any State (i.e.  determination of nationality of a yacht), as well as property  registration and other appropriate procedures. Implementation of registration means that the Government of the State whose flag a yacht will be use, checked the legal aspects of purchase and  technical condition of a yacht, verified that they are in  full compliance with their national and international requirements  and gives evidence of this to all concerned. 
Any State,  even landlocked, has the right to provide to the ships patent of navigation under its flag. State Register of Ships are "national" (or "closed"), registering vessels that belongs only to residents - natural or legal persons (for example, the State Ship Register of Ukraine), as well as "open", granting the right of registration of the vessel (boat) to everyone (f.e.Panama, Belize, British Virgin Islands, etc.).
Generally the Shipowner gets two documents Certificate of Registry (which combines Property registration and Patent of Navigation under Flag of actual State) and  Ship Radio License.
Flag choice for  registration is one of the tasks for shipowner and depends on many factors: financial - from the charge of registration and re-registration of the yacht to the new owner, and to last the value of the tax on yacht staff salaries; operational - the need for the presence of a yacht during registration, as well as the need to pass any kind of audits as provided for in the legislation; international legal - State participation in various bilateral and multilateral agreements for the avoidance of double taxation, agreements to provide favorable treatment in maritime transportation and others.
We can help you with the choice of flag and with fast and proficient registration of your yacht, and also provide services to maintain registration during its registration period in chosen Registry. During registration, we  provide not only its procedure, but also conduct regular advising in the matter of various affairs (choice of jurisdiction,registration procedure, further annual renewal, etc.).
The yacht registration procedure in a foreign jurisdiction involves the following basic stages: 
  • Preliminary consultation and agreement of the main matters 
  • Preparation and submission of documents 
  • Yacht registration with the subsequent issuance of the relevant registration certificates