The registry operates through a network of Designated Offices worldwide. 
Marine Safety Management Ltd. 
as designated office in Ukraine and is fully empowered to process applications for provisional and permanent registration of a vessel and/ or Mortgage.
In accordance with The Registration of Merchant Ships Act 1989, as amended by Act No. 5 of 1996, a provisional registration is valid for six months. During this time, the shipowner or his representative is expected to gather all documents necessary for permanent registration.
There are no requirements concerning local ownership or participation in ownership. The Registry of Belize is open to any type, class, or size of vessel used for navigation that is engaged in any lawful trade, service or international maritime activity. Ship owners take advantage of the flexibility of Belizean offshore corporations by having such entity appear as owner of the vessel
All vessels registered at IMMARBE are subject to a safety inspection in order to ensure compliance with the national and international regulations. For this purpose an Inspection Fee is charged in the Annual Fees collected for each vessel. The inspection program contemplates an annual General Safety Inspection, but the Administration may order a re-inspection or a special inspection when it is considered necessary.
The recording of title deeds, mortgages, liens and encumbrances or any other assignments relating to any registered vessel is governed by the Merchant Shipping Act and may be requested through our Office. Recording of documents may be either:
        • Preliminary recording 
        • Permanent recording
The Belize Registry revised the Shipping Act in 2010 especially for the priority of maritime liens, so that a Belize mortgage now ranks fourth after court costs, salvage and crew wages.
With effect from 1st March 2005, the age limit guideline for new Registrations was reduced from 30 years to 25 years for all vessels except yachts, fishing vessels, non-propelled barges, special registrations and new registrations which are immediately chartered out.At the discretion of the Registry, the age limit of 25 years may be exceeded in exceptional circumstances based on the vessel's detention record, the ship owner/operator's record, the area of intended operation, the intended trade, and provided it is classed with an IACS Recognized Organization.
Every Belize registered ship must be in possession of a valid certificate of Minimum Safe Manning (MSM) which is issued by IMMARBE in accordance with the applicable IMO Conventions/Regulations and which specifies the minimum number and composition of the crew complement.  The issuance of the MSM Certificate is guided by Resolution A 890(21) of the International Organization (IMO).  Owners may apply for a reduced manning scale should their ships be designed and constructed with unattended machinery space, or are approved with any other machinery automation or remote controls, or trading in restricted areas.  Any request for a reduction or for a special complement must be justified by the applicant for evaluation by Head Office.