Activities and proceedings related to the registration of ships and relevant obligations and requirements applicable to all ships registered under the International Ship Registry of Cambodia are governed by the following instruments:
  • Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia ;
  • Preah Reach Kram 02/NS/94 of July 20, 1994 promulgating the Law on the organization and functioning of the Council of Ministers ;
  • Royal Decree NS/RKT/1198/72 of November 30, 1998 on the nomination of the Royal Government of Cambodia ;
  • Decision No.50D of 21 October 2002 of the Royal Government ;
  • Decision No.238 OCM.IRD. of 12 February 2003 of the Royal Government ;
  • Decision No.32/SSR of 21 March 2003 of the Royal Government ;
  • Resolution for Merchant Ship Registration under the Office of the Council of Ministers ;
  • Regulations for Ship’s Registration under the flag of Cambodia ;
  • Regulations for Cambodian Vessels under 500 Gross Tons
  • Safety Regulation for Cambodian Fishing Vessels of 24 Meters in Length and above
  • Regulation for Pleasure Vessel Registration