Panama ships are subject to the provisions  in accordance  with the  STCW 78/95/2010 Convention concerning the competency of officers and seamen.
There are no restrictions imposed on the nationality of the master, officers and crew engaged on Panama ships.
Usually it takes one-two working days to obtain a temporary certificate (CT) valid for 3 months. Panama administration will provide you an Endorsement with the same capacity, function, level, limitation and validity of the National Certificate of Competency attached to the application for Panamanian Endorsement. The national document must be issued by the maritime authority of a country within the white list published by the International Maritime Organization.
To receive Panamanian Endorsement you shall submit the copies of the below documents and send them to our e-mail stcw@flagadmin.com:
Application form
National COC
National Endorsement
National GMDSS + Endorsement (If applicable)
Seaman's Book
Travel Passport
Medical Certificate (Regulation I/9)
Record of Sea Service - for Ratings
Basic Security Training VI/1 - for Ratings
Ship Security Officer certificate (if applicable)
Ship Security Awareness (VI/6-1) - for Ratings
Designated Security Duties (VI/6-2)
Colored photo
Upon receiving of readable copies of documents and payment, the CT will be issued. The full term Certificate of Endorsement will be issued upon receiving COC verification by the country of origin within 3 month from the date of issuance of CT.
Also in order to get consultation of the specialists of our center you can call the following
telephone numbers: +38(0552)415304
Postal address: PO Box 10, Kherson, Ukraine, 73025